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Tickets are now Available for “Come celebrate refugee welcome – event” on April 30,2017

We are delighted to announce that on Sunday 30 April 2017, North-West Migrants Forum will be hosting a celebratory event to mark the wonderful spirit and generosity of Derry-Londonderry and its people.

The event which will be held at Foyle Arena will run from 4pm until 8pm.

Tickets will cost £3 per person or £5 for a family.


Every day we see and hear of global events that describe such horror and hardship that it can sometimes bring tears to our eyes and a feeling of helplessness. In response to some of these unfortunate events, Derry-Londonderry has  been a refuge for many people fleeing war and persecution, and we believe it is time to celebrate this fact.
It was in May 2016 that 11 Syrian refugee families arrived in Derry hoping to make it their new home, joining other refugees and migrants in the city from places as diverse as Pakistan, Egypt, the Congo, China, Nigeria, Kenya, Somalia, Eritrea, Sudan, Ethiopia and many more. Throughout 2016, 96 Syrian families arrived in Northern Ireland, with the province being heralded as leading the way on refugee resettlement in the UK.
We think this is the perfect opportunity to highlight just what this has meant to those who have made the city their home. This is all the more pertinent following recent news of more bombing and chemical attacks in Syria and the South Sudan famine.
The event will be held at the Foyle Arena on Sunday April 30, 2017 and it will be the culmination of a series of workshops bringing people together. There will be presentations of the success stories of those who have come and settled here in Derry and other parts of Northern Ireland, music and dance, which will focus on Irish, Syrian and African traditions as well as special traditional delicacies to enjoy! 


Tickets Available Now!!!

Tickets for this event will be available at the North West Migrants Forum (NWMF) Office or Online, via the website:

1. Office – Tickets In person (Please note we will only be able to sell tickets during office hours for all In person tickets.)

2. Online – Via our Website (, You can now purchase your ticket via the NWMF website.
The event on April 30, 2017, at Foyle Arena will run from 4pm until 8pm.
Tickets will cost £3 per person or £5 for a family. 

The event is being funded by The Big Lottery and the Executive Office.


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