North West Migrants Forum

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We are a medium-sized organisation dedicated to promoting racial equality and supporting integration within Northern Ireland. We are intentional about strengthening the black and minority ethnic (BME) sector and enhancing our ability to achieve important objectives, all while fostering a sense of equal belonging within Northern Ireland society.

What sets the North West Migrants Forum apart is our democratic approach to leadership, governance and strategic planning. An elected committee of eight individuals represents the diverse population of the north west area, ensuring that the organisation empowers its members rather than acting as a gatekeeper. We actively engage in discussions and actions on themes crucial to the needs of people seeking asylum, those granted international protection and the entire black, racialised, minoritised community in Northern Ireland. 

We focus on raising awareness about rights, public institutions and services and work on building the capacity to influence and challenge discrimination, inequality, racism and hate crime and barriers to equality of public services.

Our dedication to creating a more inclusive and equitable society is evident in all our activities:

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