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Africa land of Culture – Culture Quarter’ Free Activities For Primary Schools

NWMF is working in partnership with Derry city and Strabane district council to deliver a programme called Africa land of Culture.

This cultural diversity workshop will explore identity, traditions, beliefs and values in Kenya, Zambia, South Africa and Northern Ireland. It will include dance, bead-making and costume activities and at an age appropriate level discuss migration, racism and stereotypes.

This programme is delivered as part of the Culture Quarter Initiative.

‘Culture Quarter’ is a local initiative run by Derry City and Strabane District Council to promote diversity and understanding amongst primary-school age children.  It fits with the PDMU curriculum strand 2 ‘Mutual Understanding in the Local and Wider Community’.  Funded under council’s Good Relations Strategy it is free for schools within our council area only (and has already run successfully for 2 years within the former Derry City Council area).  Subject to our funding, each term schools are offered a range of free workshops – mostly delivered in your school.  Occasionally we offer other opportunities eg. Free visits to museums etc but schools are responsible for their own transport for these.


Other free workshops available this ‘quarter’ in June 2015 are:


  • ‘Different Drums’ – Interactive world drumming workshop (Suitable P5 – P7. 30 pupils max)
  • ‘Marching Bands’ – Workshop and Music on bands culture (Suitable P6/P7.  30 pupils max)
  • ‘Fantastic Phillipines’ – Cultural Diversity workshop + crafts (Suitable P 2 – P7. 30 pupils max)
  • ‘Africa-Land of Culture’ – Cultural Diversity workshop + crafts (Suitable P2 – P7.  30 pupils max)
  • ‘Bridges’ – ‘Shared space’ + STEM bridge building activity (Suitable P2 – P7  30 pupils max)
  • ‘Feasts & Festivals’ – Cultural Diversity workshop + activities (Suitable P1 – P5 30 pupils max)
  • ‘St.Columba for all’ – Visit to St.Columba Heritage Centre (Suitable P3 – P7 40 pupils max)


To spread the benefit, schools are initially limited to a maximum of 3 workshops – for very large schools we may use our discretion to extend this number especially after the initial deadline has passed. Specific workshop dates/times will be allocated on a ‘first come first served’ basis and may be heavily oversubscribed so it is helpful if schools can be flexible around preferred dates/times.  The 3rd week (22nd – 26th June) is prioritised to Strabane and Rural area schools to make effective use of travel times for our facilitators.  By booking it is assumed you accept the ‘understanding of roles’ information.  To book/check workshops availability on particular dates/times please contact:      tel: 02871253253 ext 8225

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