North West Migrants Forum

Third Black History Summit to take place in Derry on October 21

THE North West Migrants Forum will hold its third annual Black History Summit in the Great Hall of Ulster University’s Magee campus in Derry on October 21.

This year’s event is titled ‘Dig Deeper, Look Closer, Think Bigger’ and will centre on the theme of Decolonising Education.

Migrants Forum Programmes Manager Naomi Green said, “We are honoured to be joined by Professor Charlotte Williams OBE who was a leading voice in mainstreaming black and minority ethnic history in the Welsh curriculum and beyond.

“Our second keynote speaker will be Dr Hyab Yohannes who brings unique perspectives to policy development in migration and education by championing decolonising approaches.

“And thirdly we have Dr Ebun Joseph, founder and module coordinator of the first Black Studies module in Ireland at University College Dublin.

“We will also be joined by Donna Namukasa, a community and social worker who brings traditional Ugandan folk songs, drum rhythms and dances to audiences across NI, Uganda and the UK.

“We will also have traditional food and a short update on our Black History in NI: Hidden Heritage Project.  Join us for an engaging morning of discussion, music and cuisine.”

You can sign up for the Black History Summit here:

Dr Hyab Yohannes will be among the guest speakers.
So too will be Professor Charlotte Williams.
And entertainment will come from the wonderful Donna Namukasa.