North West Migrants Forum

Press Release: North West Migrants Forum releases plans for Black History Month Celebrations.

This October, North West Migrant Forum (NWMF) is launching a programme of events to commemorate the history, achievements and contributions of black people in Northern Ireland.

Black History Month Launch October 2020
The programme, that is free of charge to attend and open to the public, began on the 3rd October and will be running up until 31 st October 2020. It includes a conversation on “Blackness comes in different Shades and Cultures”, two Black History trivia quiz nights; a ‘Dialogue and Debate’ night focused on the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement and race and justice; a Black History Human Library, as well as a ‘Black is Beautiful ‘two day event celebrating black culture, heritage, fashion, hair, food, arts, craft, music and dance.
Partnering with North West Migrants Forum to deliver the programme are Ethnic Minority Sports Organisation NI, African Women Organisation NI and Ulster University Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

Due to the new Covid-19 restrictions most of the events will be delivered
exclusively online however there will be a smaller number of events with in-person places also offered. These will be limited to just 10 places per event.
Anyone wishing to attend an event, either online or in-person is advised that registering their interest is compulsory for securing their place and they will not be able to attend without doing so.
Lilian Seenoi-Barr, Director of Programmes at NWMF said, “We’re so excited to be celebrating Black History Month and would love to invite everyone from the Derry and Strabane District Council areas to join us.
The main aim of Black History Month is to celebrate the achievements and
contributions of black people not just in the UK but also around the world. It provides a moment of reflection for people as well as a reminder to educate ourselves. By honouring the struggles faced by Black people as a whole, the month strives to be a reminder of equality and inclusion.
Throughout this month, NWMF will be joining with other like-minded
organisations from across Northern Ireland for the annual celebration to celebrate and commemorate people of the African diaspora and significant events that have shaped their history. In the last year we have witnessed the power and reach of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement, which shone a light on the many injustices faced by black people around the world. In light of the unprecedented attention given to the lived realities of black people, this year’s ‘Black History Month is a significant opportunity.

We also want to reassure everyone that we have prepared carefully and taken appropriate measures to ensure that all staff, volunteers, and event attendees are safe when attending any of our events or programmes at our centre. As well as carrying out a full risk assessment and appointing an in house Convid-19 compliance officer, we have also marked out a floor guide allowing visitors to maintain a 2m distance from each other. We have created a PPE station where visitors will have their temperature taken before entering the centre and a RQ code provided for participants to register themselves in for trace and contact tracing.
They will also be given a facemask at this time that they must always wear inside the NWMF Centre. And we hope that the people of Derry city and Strabane District Council will also get involved. These events have been made possible by the support from The Northern Ireland Housing Executive and National Lottery Community Fund.”
Black History Month was first celebrated in the UK in London in 1987 and has gone on to be one of the largest recognised racial themed festivals nationwide.
The North West Migrants Forum was founded in February 2012 and is
committed to promoting equal opportunities and protection for people of
different ethnic backgrounds in Northern Ireland.  

For more information on NWMF, Black History Month or how you can get
involved, you can contact us via:
Phone: 028 71362184/ 07912295771
Twitter: @nwmforum
Instagram: @northwestmigrantsforum

Calendar of events:
 Black Trivia Quiz Night for young people (Age 11+)

  •   23rd October
  •   6pm-8pm
  •   Available online and in-person (Where appropriate and Incompliance with COVID 19 restrictions).
    Black Trivia Quiz Night for adults
  •   15th October
  •   6pm-8pm
  •   Available online ONLY  Black History Human Library
  •   24th & 25th October 2020
  •   Session 1 (on both days): 12pm-2.30pm
  •   Session 2 (on both days): 3.30pm: 5.30pm

-Available both In person or Virtually ( Incompliance with COVID 19
In person Location at NWMF Offices with a maximum of 10 places available
Black is Beautiful- 2 day celebration event of black culture, heritage, fashion, hair, food, arts, crafts, dance and music

  •   31st October
  •   Session 1 (on both days): 12pm-2.30pm
  •   Session 2 (on both days): 4: 30pm-6.30pm
  •   Available both online and in person (Incompliance with COVID 19
    restrictions )
  • In person Location: NWMF offices with a maximum of 10 places available
    Dialogue and Debate focused on Black Lives Matter
  •   29th October      
  •   6pm – 9pm
  •   Location: NWMF offices
  •   Available Online Only