North West Migrants Forum

NWMF condemn racial attack in Derry-Londonderry

North West Migrants Forum would like to utterly condemn vicious racial attacks and intimidation aimed at the owners of the local retail shop in Derry-Londonderry on Tuesday evening . These attacks must be of a matter of concern to everyone in our community. We support the rally organised by the people before profit Derry and urge the public to join us on Friday 24th at 4pm at the Cairo 24/7 retail shop to show our support and stand up to the small minority racists living in our society.

Hate crime has the potential not just to inflict misery on vulnerable minorities but to destroy the principles of solidarity upon which we build our society. Tackling racism is not just a worthy objective: it is a vital necessity for our survival as a normal functioning society. We need to take a proactive interventionist approach to hate crime, this requires our community and political leaders both local and regional to unite against these attacks and support the promotion of acceptance and community relations.

We call upon the executives to release the Racial Equality Strategy, we cannot seat back and watch a small minority of racist people in our society to undermine values that we hold dear, values we have enshrined in the human rights legislations. Respect for human dignity, freedom, equality, and human rights. Each and every time a hate crime is committed, these values are put in danger.