North West Migrants Forum

Mayor visits North West Migrants Forum

On Friday 11th September 2015 the Mayor, Councillor Elisha McCallion, was delighted to visit the ‘North West Migrants Forum’ who work with locally based black and minority ethnic individuals, migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.  The purpose of the visit was for the Mayor to further understand issues faced locally by these council area residents. 

The Mayor indicated that she is keen to hear how our council area supports equality and diversity for all its citizens in practice.  Welcoming the Mayor to the groups premises in William Street, Co-ordinator Lilian Seenoi stated that she was pleased that the Mayor had taken time in her busy diary to hear about the strategic issues and individual case stories facing these local communities. 

North West Migrants Forum are fully supportive of the current Mayoral initiative around the migration crisis in Europe and hope that the headlines will continue to raise broader awareness locally of the treatment of, and welcome given to, already locally resident populations from minority religious and ethnic backgrounds. 

Discussions with the Mayor included positive topics about how the North West Migrants forum already engage with the wider population in Community Planning and community based arts and cultural initiatives, but also explored the issue of institutional racism or how local organisations may be positively equipped or may need more information on working with diversity.  The mayoral visit met with a range of representatives from diverse identities currently engaged in the North West Migrants Forum and was very constructive for everyone.

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