North West Migrants Forum

INTERCULTURAL DIALOGUE SUPPORT – Two-days residential in Ganaway Activity Centre

A residential that is open to everyone is being held this month to tackle prejudice and hate crime in the North West.

The North West Migrants Forum is hosting the two-day residential which will focus on Intercultural Dialogue at Ganaway Training and Activity Centre on Saturday 20th and 21st of January, 2018.

The residential, which is supported by the Housing Executive, is aimed at promoting an open dialogue on racism and hate crime in Northern Ireland. Expert speakers, practitioners and people of minority ethnic communities will explore the effectiveness of the current legislative and policy framework and discuss the impact of hate crime, racism and discrimination on minority groups, particularly those living in the North West.

Participants will hear first-hand accounts from people of minority ethnic groups and from members of host communities who have been affected by these issues. There will also be practical support and information for victims and those at risks of such crimes. 

The project will work towards the elimination of hate crime, intimidation, anti-social behaviours and racism, creating a safe community for all. It will encourage and support BME communities to engage with others through quality interactions and will bring communities together in a series of workshops, cultural diversity activities in a residential to enhance quality interaction.

Lilian Seenoi, Director of programmes at NWMF said the residential was taking place at a very significant and challenging time. “In consideration of the current hike in prejudice and hate crime in Northern Ireland and the impact of Brexit, we want to continue the role of promoting constructive and quality engagement between minority ethnic communities and the host population and recommend the next steps to take to respond effectively to racism and hate crime in Northern Ireland. We believe that engaging in open dialogues with the whole of society can facilitate the process of promoting community cohesion and building a shared future for Northern Ireland. We also acknowledge that while dialogue is important, quality interaction between people of minority ethnic communities and the host community enhances respect and understanding. The residential also will be marked with fun games and activities and promises to enhance participants’ intercultural experience.”

Eddie Breslin, Good Relations Officer at the Housing Executive said: “We are delighted to support this residential which is bringing people together to tackle prejudice and hate crime in the North West.”

The residential is aimed at adults only and is supported by the Housing Executive’s Cohesion Unit and the Executive Office under the Minority Ethnic Development Fund. To sign up for this event, please contact North West Migrants Forum at or call 02871362184.