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George Floyd

George Floyd One Year Anniversary – Book Of Remembrance.

Connect – Unite – Change The World –

It’s hard to believe that the 25th May 2021 marks the one-year anniversary of the brutal murder of George Floyd, a tragedy that should never have happened. As we come together to mark his first anniversary, we remember not only him but all those who have lost their lives in the hands of a system that was designed to safeguard and protect. We need the harm to stop, and we need the damage repaired.
We ask you to join us in standing in solidarity with George Floyd’s family and all those who suffer as a result of systemic racism and the devastating effects that it carries with it.
Now is time for racial justice. #Uniteagainstracism
We invite you to show your support by signing this Book Of Remembrance below to register your opposition to institutional racism and call on all governments to take concrete actions against racial injustice.

Last year has taught us that when communities mobilize, change happens. To see change happen we must work together and hold to account the structures and systems that have allowed such heinous acts to occur. So let us connect, unite and change the world
We thank you for your support!