North West Migrants Forum

First Mother and Baby workshop focuses on infant mental health

Main photo: Health visitors Donna McNally and Cheryl McElhinney offering advice and guidance to new mums in the offices of the North West Migrants Forum on Friday morning.

NEWBORNS and their mental wellbeing were the focus of the first Mother and Baby session held at the North West Migrants Forum.

Mums and their little ones gathered at the Forum’s office on Strand Road to hear from Western Trust Health Visitors Cheryl McElhinney and Donna McNally.

Cheryl and Donna weighed each child, offered advice, rolled out a presentation on infant mental health before showing those in attendance how to make play dough.

The workshop was the first in what will be an eleven-week programme aimed at educating and supporting parents and children.

Health Visitor Donna showing mums how to make play dough using all natural ingredients.

Health Visitor Cheryl said, “This was an introductory session where we weighed the babies and put a particular focus on infant mental health. It was all about talking to your baby, reading to your baby, pregnancy and all issues relating to infant mental health.

“Everyone got on really well, it was a lovely, happy environment and we are looking forward to coming back.”

The Mother and Baby programme continues this Friday, January 26, from 10am to noon. In attendance will be Shantallow-based group ‘Talking To Our Babies’ and a representative from Derry’s Women’s Centre.

New mum Katherine picking up some important advice on Friday morning.

Health Visitor Donna McNally added, “We will also be doing what we have been doing today, weighing the babies, talking to mums and offering any support we can.”

The workshops are open to anyone with a child up to the age of four. Registration is not necessary, simply attend the North West Migrants Forum, third floor of the Embassy Building, 3 Strand Road, at 10am.

A breakdown of the eleven weeks is available on our Facebook page.

Another mum enjoying the workshop on Friday morning.