North West Migrants Forum

Celebrating women and arts! NWMF Transcultural women’s Fiesta.

International Women’s Day is on the 8th of March every year: It is a day that celebrates the economic, political and social achievements of women, past, present and future around the world. What a fantastic opportunity to encourage women in the North West to take part in a series of events to celebrate the contribution of women in our communities!

Throughout the month of March North West Migrants Forum  will deliver several activities with a culmination of a Trans-cultural women fiesta on the 29th of March 2015 at St columns Hall, starting  from 4pm- 8pm.

Trans cultural Women Fiesta is a  family event and everyone is welcome. Come and witness the contribution that women across all communities living in Northern Ireland make to the world of arts!

There will be plenty to enjoy and you can even take part in some of the activities! there will also be plenty of food from  diverse countries Jollof rice from Nigeria, soso- butumba , ngombe na-sauce, ya-poivre boulay   from Congo, beef/chicken curry from India, authentic Chinese food not forgetting the famous Irish cream potatoes for only £2 per person and £5 per family of 4.

You can book your tickets at  the play house, or from NWMF offices or at the entrance on the day. for more information on the events activities  and how to take part please contact us or visit our website.