Eddie Kerr

When Eddie Kerr passed away in October 2023, his death was met with great sadness across the town he loved so well. As a freelance artist and consultant in over 40 countries across the globe, Eddie’s work focused on community capacity and peace building projects, arts and creative development, civic engagement and community trauma initiatives in areas coming out of conflict or regions still engaged in conflict. From 2001 he worked extensively as a volunteer director with the Changaro Trust offering support services for street children in Kenya, India and Sri Lanka. He was widely recognised as an expert on community visioning processes and was directly involved in the Middle East for 15 years. According to those who knew him best, he brought a creativity and imagination to all that he did, alongside his core belief in equality of opportunity and justice for all peoples regardless of race, colour, creed or social standing. As well as his tireless charity work, Eddie also enjoyed critical acclaim as a playwright with productions such as ‘Packie’s Wake’ and ‘Over the Moon’.

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