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Press Release – ‘Choose To Challenge’ 2021

‘Choose to Challenge’ – reclaiming our voices in civic and public spaces.
Take part in “Choose to Challenge” – a series of online seminars aimed at
✅ Finding meaningful pathways for representation and reclaim voices of Black and Minority Ethnic people in civic and public spaces.
✅ Build confidence and leadership for women and girls from across Northern Ireland.
Delivered by the North West Migrant Forum (NWMF), in partnership with Belfast Multi-Cultural Association, Belfast Islamic Centre and iAssist NI, the Seminars, led entirely by powerful women, will focus on empowering others to work together, as well as including active discussions about the intersections between racial equality and gender justice in Northern Ireland.
The seminars run every week from 6 – 27 February 2021, and will culminate on International Women’s Day on 6 March 2021.
This is open to women and girls from all background who are age 15 and above and wish to step up and challenge all forms of inequality.
Topics of discussion will include:
Women’s Participation and Transformative Leadership: Valuing BME women voices in leadership – 6 February 2021 at 12pm – 3pm
Gender mainstreaming: Reclaiming BME voices in N! History – 14 February 20 at 12pm – 3pm
Gender, justice, and BME women’s rights – 27 February 2021 at 12pm – 3pm
International Women’s Day Conference: Choose to Challenge – BME women Call to Action: 6 March 2021 at 12pm – 3pm
To take part please click on this link to register