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PRESS RELEASE: Booklet Launch – City Hotel, Sunday 22nd August 2021 – North West Migrants Forum’s Effective Activism, Supporting Intercommunity Practice Summer School.

The North West Migrants Forum has launched an information booklet to help people navigate politics in Northern Ireland. The organisation is well known for promoting inclusive political involvement with an emphasis on enhancing racial equality, advancing race relations legislation, and improving representation for Black and Minority Ethnic communities.

The toolkit has been produced as part of the organisation’s Effective Activism and Campaign for Change project, focusing on the Common Travel Agreement which discriminates against many residents of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. 

The launch was held at the City Hotel Derry on Sunday the 22nd of August as part of the North West Migrants Forum’s Effective Activism, Supporting Intercommunity Practice Summer School.

NWMF Booklet Launch 2021

Launching the booklet, veteran activist and former MLA Eamon McCann said “I am honoured to have been invited here today by the North West Migrants’ Forum. As always, I have learned a lot from listening to young people from all backgrounds. I have been reminded that it’s only the young who can teach the older generation how to organise society in a better and fairer way. Today has confirmed my belief that the voting age should be reduced to 15.”

Director of Programmes Lilian Seenoi-Barr said, “we are delighted to launch this toolkit as part of our effective activism programme. It was developed to support effective political action and  it is targeted at those who may find political activism daunting”.

“As someone who migrated to Northern Ireland, I am acutely aware of how intimidating the political scene can seem here, not just for those who have chosen to make Derry their home, but all those in Northern Ireland who feel detached from politics or feel politics is not something they want to get involved in as it’s too divisive.”

“The informative booklet covers a number of topics including the political system in NI, levels of government, political parties and how to register to vote. It also highlights our Common Travel Area campaign to raise awareness and end discrimination against residents of NI in citizenship categories who cannot avail of cross border travel under the CTA.”

Throughout the week, our young activists will be distributing copies of our guide across the city as a practical exercise during summer school. We also want to help inspire a new generation of people to see and believe in the power of politics to change people’s lives. If you want to see change happen in this country, learning about and getting involved is a great step in the right direction.”

We have also produced an online copy which can be downloaded from our website- North West Migrants Forum – Politics In Northern Ireland Booklet Launch – North West Migrants Forum ( 

Effective Activism Supporting Intercommunity is a two year Project and is funded by St. Stephen Green Trust.

Effective Activism Summer is co funded by The Community Relations Council.

– Contact Lilian Seenoi-Barr – 07880207223  for more information.

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