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The Advancing Race Equality Awards 2022

ARE Awards 2022
ARE Awards Young Leader

This category recognises young people ages 18-30 who work with their communities to challenge racial discrimination to achieve an inclusive and shared future for example through work building intercultural trust , future-oriented peace work at grassroots level and supporting the rights of marginalized people. Sponsored by PDQ Solutions.

Sponsored By Unison

This category recognises community champions who have gone above and beyond in the course of their work, service, and passions to challenge racial discrimination in workplaces
and in society. Sponsored by Unison.

This award recognises an organisation, business, or public sector organisation for their work in tackling racism, reducing barriers for racialised people experiencing marginalization and promoting peace and reconciliation in Northern Ireland. Sponsored by Phoenix Law Solicitors.

ARE Awards 2022

This category recognises the work of individual communicators or media outlets in highlighting racism and providing platforms for racialized people to drive change. Sponsored by NWMF & TEO.

This category honours exceptional individuals who have gone above and beyond in the course of their work to challenge systemic racism and actively take steps to address racial inequalities in Northern Ireland and demonstrated exceptional courage and leadership in advancing racial justice, human rights, and equality in Northern Ireland. Sponsored by The Executive Office.

This category recognises individuals who have a minimum of two decades of extraordinary long-term involvement and service to the field of racial justice and human rights. The recipient will have a recognized level of significant engagement in racial justice work and have demonstrated exemplary leadership in advocating for human rights and equality in Northern Ireland. Sponsored by The Executive Office and EasyLets NI.

Advancing Racial Equality Awards

To nominate through our website, simply check out Award Categories here and Timeline below, then fill out the the Nomination Form or
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