North West Migrants Forum(NWMF) was founded in February 2012 after it was identified by migrants specifically from the black minority ethnic background that there was a need for an advice and support service in the Derry city council area and its environments. North West Migrants forum has informally been supporting destitute individuals in need of health access, legal advice and practical support.

NWMF is concerned about the lack of support and services for migrants specifically from the black minority background, asylum seekers, refugees and non EU migrants in the North West region of Northern Ireland.  Despite a large growing number of the black minority ethnic community, refugees, and non EU migrants in Derry-Londonderry, until the establishment of NWMF, there were limited services offering advice and support to migrants regardless of their nationality or immigration status.

Our Commitment

North West Migrants forum is committed to promote equality of opportunity and equal protection for people of different ethnic backgrounds in Northern Ireland. Our main focus is working with vulnerable migrants specifically from non EU countries, black minority ethnic background, asylum seekers and refugees. We aim to integrate them into the local community and increase their participation in public, economic, social, and cultural events. NWMF encores and delivers its various services so as to support service users to realise equal opportunity and equal treatment in accessing and benefiting from public services in Derry-Londonderry.

We are deeply concerned for the safety and well being of refugees, asylum seekers, refused asylum seekers, people with limited or no recourse to public funds as a result of their immigration status, young unaccompanied asylum seekers, victims of human trafficking and others who find it difficult to integrate  in the North West region of Northern Ireland.


Support newcomers to Derry city council area and its environs
Assist organisations and agencies with migrant matters
Educate and raise awareness
Organize social functions and events
Promote Derry-Londonderry as a multi-cultural county
Celebrate cultural diversity and promote positive race relation
Participate in local public, economic, social and cultural events.
Currently we operate projects that seek to address issues of isolation, discrimination, racism, unemployment and housing problems of migrants in Derry city council area.

Vision & Mission 

Vision: To ensure that the North West region of Northern Ireland is a place where both migrants and local people can celebrate their diversity in a welcoming, safe environment.
The NWMF is a central place where:
– Newcomers to the region can access information and services
-Service providers can obtain assistance with migrant matters.

Mission: Promote Community good relations by creating and nurturing reconciliation, human rights and social justice.


T: 0788 020 7223
A: 25C William Street, Londonderry, Northern Ireland, BT48 6EP